From 2007 to date, Shubhalakshmi has doubled capacity at its state-of-the-art facilities in Daman and Silvassa. And that's just a start.


Our heritage

Founded as a family enterprise, Shubhalakshmi began trading in fabrics and yarns in 1979. The Agarwal family identified a trend that has continued: increasing industrial demand for man-made yarns. Shubhalakshmi was incorporated in 1987 and soon set up its first manufacturing facility for crimp yarn in Daman, Union Territory, India. Today a total of 5 units are located in Daman and Silvassa.

Shubhalakshmi Group has aggressively pursued backwards integration. In addition to finished yarn production, Shubhalakshmi produces POY and FDY, raw materials of texturised yarns. Other group companies produce dye intermediates and calcium carbonate. Further backwards integration will be provided by a continuous poly condensation (CPC) plant with a capacity of 270,000 metric tonnes, to launch in 2011.

As of 2006 all production units have been merged into a single concern, Shubhalakshmi Polyesters Ltd., based in Mumbai and Surat, India. Our management


Between FYE 2007 and FYE 2010, revenue has grown from Rs 91 crore to Rs. 330 crore (Rs. 3.3 billion). More financials

Over the same period, over Rs. 120 crore has been reinvested into operating capital, both diversifying Shubhalakshmi's product range and increasing FDY output to 8410 metric tonnes per year.