Mono yarn is also know as Monofilament yarn. Mono yarn is a single, continuous strand of synthetic fiber or a continuous fiber composed of 4 to 6 single fibers. The monofilament has sufficient strength and toughness to be used as a single yarn for a single yarn or a mesh. The most commonly recognized monofilament is nylon fishing line but monofilament can be used in numerous ways.

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Unique Quality of Shubhalakshmi Polyester Ltd Mono Yarn

Good resistance to fuel and chemicals

High stiffness, High mechanical strength even at low temperature

Low water absorption and good dimensional stability at high temperatures


Mono Filament Yarn can be made by direct spinning or by splitting Mother Yarn. Because of its good resistance to fuel and chemicals this type of monofilaments is widely used in the production of filter fabrics for automotive use. A polyester filament yarn is used in knitting and weaving to make design on dresses and home-textiles and making of webbings.

Advancement in today's World

The examples of monofilaments from everyday life include fishing line, dental floss, in sports racquets, and bristles of tooth brushes. Hollow monofilaments are used in softer sewing thread applications where elastomeric monofilaments find applications in pressure garments.

Basic Physical Properties

Monofilament yarn, as evident by its name, consist of a single solid filament. Monofilament yarns are usually circular and solid in cross section. The shape of the filament can be altered to produce noncircular and/or hollow filaments.

Shubhalakshmi Polyester Ltd Mono Yarn

20/1 – SD
20/1 – BRT
20/1 – BLACK
30/1 – SD
20/2 – SD
20/2 – BRT
20/2 – BLACK


1) Slightly thin monofilament can be used as artificial silk, wig, eyelash, eyebrow and brush, etc

2) The apparel applications of monofilaments are limited owing to their low bulk and high bending rigidity

3) These fabrics are available in a range of polymer filaments including nylon, polyester & polypropylene

Mono Yarn

1 10 1SD Weaving
2 20 1SD/BRT Weaving
3 30 1SD Weaving
4 40 2SD Weaving
5 60 3BRT Weaving

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