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Why Product Development is Important?

The first and most important reason for any new development is to provide new value to the customer and this we believe as our passion to always improve; so that we stand with the trends in the market. A successful product development strategy can also increase revenue and profitability of any company. So we take a stand to keep learning and moving ahead.

Our Unique Selling products:

Speciality Yarns

A whole range of the finest quality of Speciality Yarn to choose from our collection of very best in unique and custom made yarns like: Thin & Thick Yarns, Micro Filament Slub Yarns, Micro Filament Cottolyne Yarns, Two Tone Yarn, Sparkle Yarn.

Texturing Yarns

Textured yarn is a generic term for filament that have been given notably greater apparent volume or bulk than conventional yarns of similar filament count or which have been made more extensible by filament distortion through physical, chemical or heat treatment or a combination of these.

Mono Yarns

Monofilament yarn, as evident by its name, consist of a single solid filament. Monofilament yarns are usually circular and solid in cross section. We offer the best of the quality to our clientele in its different category of yarns.

Fully Drawn Yarns

We are well established Fully Drawn Yarn Suppliers in India and Fully Drawn Yarn Exporters in India. We provide the best quality of Fully Drawn Yarn at very reasonable rates.


Our export business spans over 35 countries. With an increasing volume month on month from an average of 3000 MT / month to 4000 MT / month, we’ve targeted to increase the volume to 5000 MT / month of Polyester Chips, POY, FDY, DTY, ATY, Twisted Yarn, Mono Filament and various dope-dyed colored yarns by the end of the year 2020.

Market development

We are penetrating new market across the globe. Some recently added markets are Ethiopia, Peru, Chile, Columbia, USA, Korea, Vietnam, Russia etc. We are expanding our geographical scope with respect to new areas like Belarus, Italy, Japan etc and to new application of products.

Product development

It is a continuous process. Company has successfully introduced various gamut of polyester DTY, ATY, FDY, Mono products with different ranges of deniers for new and innovative applications in textiles / non- textiles and for some industrial purpose.

Our Process

The process of making yarns from the textile fiber is called spinning. Spinning is the twisting together of drawn out strands of fibers to form yarn, though it is colloquially used to describe the process of drawing out, inserting the twist, and winding onto bobbins.

POY Spinning

Dryer Sytem

Polymer pump


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