Twist is the spiral arrangement of the fibres around the axis of the yarn. The twist binds the fibres together and also contributes to the strength of the yarn. The amount of twist inserted in a yarn defines the appearance and the strength of the yarn. The number of twists is referred to as turns per inch.

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Unique Quality of SPL Twisted Yarn

Yarns intended for soft surfaced fabric are given slack twist

Yarns intended for smooth surfaced fabrics are given optimum twists. Such twisted yarns contribute strength, smoothness and elasticity

Yarns intended for crepe fabrics are given maximum amount of twists.


Twist Yarn is defined as the spiral deposition of the components of a twist is the measure of the spiral turns given to a yarn in order to hold the constituent fibres or threads together.

Advancement in today's World

Twists are important when it comes to tenacity values. The Amount of Twist: In B.S. 946: 1952 it is stated that the amount of twist in a thread at each stage of manufacture is denoted by a figure giving the number of turns of twist per unit length at that stage but in today's due to the advancement the twists have become easier due to which high twist makes a strong yarn.

Basic Physical Properties

When a twisted yarn is held vertically, the individual filaments are appearing in this case as the diagonal in the letter "S". The possibility of variation lies in the amount of the spun fibers as well as in the amount of the twist rotation. The rotation of this twisted yarn is more or less a single yarn twist and the result is that the fibers will once again lie parallel to the twist axis.

SPL Draw Textured Yarn

75/450 – BRT
75/800 – SD
150/250 – SD
150/300 – SD
150/350 – BRT
150/350 – SD
100/450 – BRT
50/600 – BRT
80/300 – SD
80/1000 – SD
300/200 – SD
300/200 – BRT
150/2/240 – S/Z – BRT
150/2/350 – S/Z – BRT
150/48/2/350 S Z BRT


1) The amount of twist is important in finished consumer products
2) It determines the durability and serviceability of the fabric
3) Yarns intended for soft surface fabric are given slack twist.

Twisting Yarn

150-300100-1000 TWIST/PER METERWeaving

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